I just found this in a notebook from a couple of months ago, but I don’t remember writing it. There’s a little Tao Lin and LC! in there, I don’t know about the rest. My poetic spirit must be blossoming

The discomfort of her arms against the thin metal of the fence had created a location unbeknownst to the world, to which she could relocate and detatch. It’s the metaphors of parallel universēs, quiet and powerful over-description of the most subtle, nuanced, tiny movements / fleetings that’s the aura of a new person.
'I've had my doubts' says Ed and Jejune, why is it only the disgracable that voice their ability to doubt, while the innocent list their doubts from trancept through chancel to nave.
The worst things fall at opposite ends of a circular spectrum - irrational fear and paralysis through overwhelment.
Other people as boxes. Stacked. Neglected. Flooded.

I’ve got a h2g love letter. A love letter. A letter of love. A letter which describes me as ‘somehow beautiful and cute at the same time, you’re smart, funny, awkward, and sweethearted’. This is so adorable. I want love letters for the rest of my life



2 marks off a first for basically dossing about all year!

Last Monday I was in New York on my way to camp, this Monday I’m going out with a girl? Um, how did this happen?!

It’s great, and I’ve been writing a message to a friend for about an hour explaining everything, but yes I am happy. Cool bro.

So I’m in New York. That’s a thing. Currently I’m alone, but I’ve met some good people already. Long Live Camp!

Here’s a cool gif of what I made for my final pieces

It should have been called Operation YewTube

oh my god I’m dying. I’ve left everything too late and last week developed a really intensely organised plan for how I’ll be able to finish my final pieces, step 1 is that I get everything 3D printed tomorrow. But I’ve spent 5 hours now trying to get these spikes to smoothly fillet into the bottom plate and I thought I’d done it but now they won’t fucking union I’m so done with this and there’s nothing I can do to make it work and I’m running out of time ahhhhhhhhh
update 20:47 - 13 hours on this damn bracelet and I’ve finally had a breakthrough. I may just finish this tonight!

oh my god

in my money spreadsheet to work out things for the summer I skipped the month of May

adding it back in I’ve basically lost £1000. In August I’m going to be £2700 in debt. My overdraft goes up to -£1500. I’m sure I’ll be able to borrow it from my dad but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m £1000 down on what I was supposed to be.

I thought I’d have a few hundred quid left over at the end of the summer so I booked a holiday with my friends. I don’t know what to do. So fucked.