I need to go to an early TFIOS screening

Skiing Holiday!

I got back from Switzerland today and it’s been such a whirlwind I want to keep a record of what I got up to

  • Sunday - so little sleep
  • Monday - skiing around Rothorn, lunch at Fluhalp
  • Tuesday - bad weather meant hosting couldn’t get over to Italy so we skied around Trockner and discovered route 57, had lunch at Restaurant Furi
  • Wednesday - 6 miles in total, concentrated on getting to Gandegghut restaurant to listen to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Met some nice women called Anna and Rosie, 1 table over from Gary Glitter. Had dinner out at Whymper-Stube, then stiff digestif at Elsie’s bar
  • Thursday - To Italy! Lunched in Cervinia, made a vlog on the border. Wondered around town, had a quick dinner before Jamie Cullum gig at Unplugged, had a drink in a rock hotel
  • Friday - Started at Gornergrat and made our way over to Chez Vrony in Findeln for lunch, spilt a full pint. Skiied down 1 back to Zermatt, changed and dad’s surprise was foiled so we walked back through town
  • Saturday - Gornergrat start, headed back to Gangegghut for more Ronnie Scott lunch this time with Prince Edward for table company. Uncomfortably T-bar’d to the top and fell off just before the end, raced down to Trokner Steg to get our VIP gondola down to town. I broke a glass, dad broke the stereo, a bottle of champagne down in 20 minutes. We went back to Hotel Christiania for 3 more bubblies each and good chat. Played a game of Articulate with the Glasses before bed.
  • Sunday - ugh kids on coach. home.

I’m assuming it’s gonna be another exhausting night since he’s insatiable and has the stamina of a fucking thing that has a lot of stamina. Horses? Horses.

Check the tags this isn’t pillow talk.

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This has been SUCH A GOOD DAY. I got up and had a huge list of things to do and didn’t expect anything to work out but it’s all gone swimmingly!

  • I got some pieces flocked instantly
  • Had a nice chat to my pal Naomi
  • Talked to the visa woman and the camp director and managed to negotiate a much higher salary for my summer job en amerique
  • Steven came over to discuss his website (that I’m making for him)
  • Flatmates came and we all went to Tesco to buy pizza
  • Pizza party
  • Salting my flocked things and it’s actually working no idea how
  • (going skiing in 2 days also whut)

I’ve been getting 4/5 hours sleep every night for the past 2 weeks and last night I got 7 and I look so much healthier and feel so much better I want more sleep every night.

I’m trying to become this person, the person I want to become is so much the antithesis of the person I was 5 years ago and I’m in this middle transitionary point of being a bit of both and it’s so confusing and grating.

I used to not work and care a lot, I want to work more and care less. Also I don’t want to be so fucking present. I used to be really past and I want to be so future. (in terms of time relative to time, I think about now now and I thought about before before and I want to think about later me. I guess I am.)

I don’t know. I can’t know. I’m so destructively, perfectly human that I’m so goddamn incapable of reaching for things a bit out of reach. Why is it that I’m most proactive at night where I need to actively fight it, when at any other time I’d want to embrace it. so so. typical.

I’m currently very frustrated at the world for not letting me do everything

It was 1am and now it’s 2am and ugh