CRaZy EYeS. New YT Video about my favourite book mostly. I really like it.
amalgamation of me, 2010-2013

I’m becoming increasingly anxious going out in public and interacting with people. I hope this doesn’t get worse.

I want a therapist or a friend to come to my house right now and explain how to be a functional person. I just don’t get how people do stuff. I want to talk about how I can be comfortable going outside and why I should try and achieve things. I never hear about people battling with themselves over their willingness to do /anything/, because I can’t.

I’m also lying on my sofa, drinking, smoking, and reading Sartre.

I need to go to an early TFIOS screening

Skiing Holiday!

I got back from Switzerland today and it’s been such a whirlwind I want to keep a record of what I got up to

  • Sunday - so little sleep
  • Monday - skiing around Rothorn, lunch at Fluhalp
  • Tuesday - bad weather meant hosting couldn’t get over to Italy so we skied around Trockner and discovered route 57, had lunch at Restaurant Furi
  • Wednesday - 6 miles in total, concentrated on getting to Gandegghut restaurant to listen to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Met some nice women called Anna and Rosie, 1 table over from Gary Glitter. Had dinner out at Whymper-Stube, then stiff digestif at Elsie’s bar
  • Thursday - To Italy! Lunched in Cervinia, made a vlog on the border. Wondered around town, had a quick dinner before Jamie Cullum gig at Unplugged, had a drink in a rock hotel
  • Friday - Started at Gornergrat and made our way over to Chez Vrony in Findeln for lunch, spilt a full pint. Skiied down 1 back to Zermatt, changed and dad’s surprise was foiled so we walked back through town
  • Saturday - Gornergrat start, headed back to Gangegghut for more Ronnie Scott lunch this time with Prince Edward for table company. Uncomfortably T-bar’d to the top and fell off just before the end, raced down to Trokner Steg to get our VIP gondola down to town. I broke a glass, dad broke the stereo, a bottle of champagne down in 20 minutes. We went back to Hotel Christiania for 3 more bubblies each and good chat. Played a game of Articulate with the Glasses before bed.
  • Sunday - ugh kids on coach. home.

I’m assuming it’s gonna be another exhausting night since he’s insatiable and has the stamina of a fucking thing that has a lot of stamina. Horses? Horses.

Check the tags this isn’t pillow talk.

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